The first Redrock Festival took place in October 2016 at the famous Dublin Castle in Camden, with a ton of great UK and international bands, ranging from acoustic acts to hard rockers. The unsigned and independent bands were all hugely talented, and were hand picked, there is no application process for this festival.

The day was an enormous success, everyone had a great time and enjoyed all the music on offer. Redrock Festival 2016 was nominated for Best Independent Festival in the TBFM Music Industry Awards. We are very excited to come back and put on Redrock Festival 2017 with a whole host of new bands to discover.

Redrock Festival was conceived by Redwire, a London band looking to fulfil our wish of putting on an event where great bands that they personally know can come together, and help galvanise the unsigned community, which has sometimes felt like it has been lacking some cohesiveness and community in London.

This is why the festival is free entry and relies on donations to make back the overheads, as we are confident that the bands that are playing will be hugely appreciated, and we are not looking to make money from the fans, and are solely focused on putting on a great event.

Redrock Festival is hosted at our personal favourite venue, The Dublin Castle, where you will find us quite often! Following on from the success of Redrock Festival 2016, Redwire now host the weekly open jam night, Redrock Jam, which continues our aspiration of building more of a sense of community in the underground music scene in London.

2017 is the second year of Redrock Festival and we hope it continues for a long time, so come and support us for what shall be an amazing day of music.

See you then!