My Fiasco

My Fiasco are a London-based 5-Piece Pop Rock band with one aim: To write, release, and relentlessly perform the most infectious, melodic and anthemic tunes possible!
My Fiasco began life when Steve Potter, a budding brummy songwriter/guitarist arrived in the big smoke and was introduced to singer Patsy Lowe through a musician friend in early 2016. The plan was for Patsy to provide vocals on a few of Steve’s tracks in view to him finding a vocalist (as the two had different ideas on music styles at the time). But after a few jam sessions they not only got on like a house on fire but had the makings of an exciting new project neither one wanted to let go of!

Rehearsals continued in Patsy’s front room in Dalston for a few weeks, then they decided to bite the bullet and hit an open mic in Camden.

With Erin Wayne on drums, John Watts on bass and Dan Munoz on guitar, the Fiasco was complete!