Formed in the winter of 2007 around the Hertford area, Sofasonic has developed into a band of amazing diversity blending many aspects of the new rock scene with the more traditional blues and folk genre.

Their 4 piece set up comprising of Michael Wilson (Singer & guitar), Elliot Manarin (Drums), SJ Manarin (Bass) and Niall Turner (Rhythm guitar) delivers a powerful rock sound with beautiful melodic breaks and riffs to tap your feet to and get your groove on!

Sofasonic went on a European tour with Redwire in the spring of 2017, playing in Belgium, Germany, The Netherlands, Denmark and Sweden. They also appeared at last year’s Redrock Festival but just as a 3-piece, so we’re delighted to have the whole band this year!

Their album Get Made is about to be released, so you’ll no doubt be able to buy that at the festival.