Redrock Festival Press Release

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Camden’s unique emerging festival for unsigned and independently signed acts.

On Sunday 24th September 2017, The Dublin Castle in Camden will once again open its doors to Redrock Festival.

Redrock Festival is hosted by Redwire and features 14 high quality bands from across the UK. It’ll keep you on your feet with twelve hours of rock music from midday to midnight.

The festival is free entry. That’s right. Despite having a legendary music venue and 14 amazing acts, you don’t have to pay a penny to enjoy the event.

It starts off with some great rock and roll, and that’s how we plan to continue for the rest of the day.There are a wide variety of bands and as there was no application process for Redrock (all bands were handpicked by Redwire personally), you know that they will be great quality bands.

Some noteworthy acts include KilliT, who are making waves in London London, Darkstar Dance, a gothic belly dancing act and Wild Horse, a very young and up-and-coming rock band.

More than just a festival

This isn’t just an ordinary festival, Redrock Festival does things a little differently.

It is hosted by local hard rock band Redwire, who want to use their passion for music to do something to benefit the musical community as a whole.

The main ethos of Redrock Festival is to try and garner a sense of community around the unsigned music scene, which is so often missing in London. Redrock wants to get people together to appreciate music they might not have heard before.

Redrock also wants to show off the unsigned scene. So many people say that there is no good music these days, but this is just not true, you just have to go out and see it. It’s there and of very high quality, week-in-week-out at tons of venues across London and the UK.

Redrock hopes people will leave the event with lots of new contacts, new friends and having enjoyed a great day of music in the heart of London.

And whilst you’re at the Dublin Castle, don’t forget to try the famous ‘Red Death’, delicious but deadly!

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“Redrock aims to bring together great bands from the unsigned scene and showcase them in the heart of London. If you’re one of those people who say ‘there isn’t any good music anymore’ then come along and be proven wrong!”

“Redrock is a great opportunity to see an amazing selection of original rock bands not only from the UK but from across Europe also. It’s amazing festivals like this that help keep the live music scene alive and kicking.”

“Redwire are a high quality young hard rock band, that make things happen. What they have done in putting on a FREE ENTRY, 15 band festival says everything you need to know about them. In the music business you can’t wait for the mountain to come to Mohamed and Redwire epitomise that to a tee.”